Četverostupna dizalica 4QJY5.0-B

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The four-post lift CASTEX 4QJY5.0-B is designed for passenger and delivery vehicles with total weight below 5 tons. The construction of four-post lift structure provides stability of a vehicle that is not comparable to other types of lifts. This greatly affects the user’s work safety.

The fact that a lifting vehicle stands with all wheels on the ramps is invaluable in the case of repairs with changing the center of gravity. The lift ramps are designed to handle all types of vehicle forwheel alignment. The lift is equipped with four mechanical safety locks released centrally. The lift includes a set of mounting anchors


– capacity 5000 kg

– stable invigorated construction

– compatable with devices for wheel alignment

– internal movable hydraulic axle lift with capacity 2500 kg

– anchor bolts included

– optional power supply 230V

– CE certificate

What are the requirements for the floor and installation of a four-column lift?

For installation it is necessary to lift concrete floor type C20 / 25 (former class B25) with a minimum thickness of 200 mm and an electrical connection 400V / 230V. For detailed information and technical drawings, please see the download / download section.

What hydraulic oil to apply?

Use 10 liters of HV / HL 46 hydraulic oil.

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Capacity Main platform 5000 [kg], Help platform 2500 [kg]
Power of motor 2,2 [kW]
Max. lifting height Main platform 1750 [mm], Help platform 350 [mm]
Width between columns (internal) Along the platform 4599 [mm], Across the platform 2735 [mm]
Width between columns (external) Along the platform 5094 [mm], Across the platform 3170 [mm]
Noise level ≤ 70 [dB]
Oil pressure 200 [bar]
Power supply 230/380 [V]
Power unit electro-hydraulic
Powder coating (RAL) 5002, 1018
Quantity of hydraulic oil 10 [l]
Quality of concrete B25
Thickness of concrete 300 [mm]
Number of columns 4
Net / Gross weight 1498/1518 [kg]
Working temperature ‘-5/+40 [°C]
Gwarancja 12
Lock system quadruple manual mechanical centrally released
Type of hydraulic oil 46
Type of lift four-post lift
Height of lift (posts) 2119 [mm]